Current Activities

We are currently building up a ‘security services’ client base throughout the world, designing and manufacturing specialty craft to meet the needs of Armed forces units, Search and Rescue units and Coast Guard Units.

Developing new designs targeted towards today’s market requirements’.

Development work continues on…

Some of our designs are available for manufacture under licence in some territories

At the current time these include:

  • HoverFlyer 580
  • RIVAC AH680

We will license larger designs for manufacture in the future.

We are able to provide:

  • Existing designs for building under licence.
  • Accept commission’s for new designs.
  • Completed hovercraft to assist with marketing and as a precursor for manufacturing.
  • Moulds, patterns and jigs.
  • On-site supervision to assist with tooling set up and commencement of production.
  • Detailed drawings and work instructions (3D files, PDF drawings, & MS Word).
  • CNC cutting files.
  • Bill of Materials.
  • Controlled access to our cloud-based server to keep all versions current.
  • Project management flow charts.
  • Quality Assurance systems for appropriate work areas.
  • Detailed job descriptions for employees.
  • Hovercraft operator and service instruction manuals for each type.
  • Hovercraft operator training.

Note for potential sales or commission agents:

Please do not ask for an agency or any form of exclusive area control unless you are prepared to commit to purchasing a hovercraft. We do not mind paying a fair commission for assistance with sales. However we do expect more assistance with the sale other than just a brief introduction.

There are several levels of commission paid according to the risk and effort undertaken by the sales representative or agent. Please contact us for more information and to establish your credentials.