Pre-Loved Hovercraft For Sale

2008 Airlift Hoverflyer H580 - POA (Price On Application)

Hoverflyer 580 

  • Only 250 Hours of running time 
  • LED cabin low level lighting fitted as per customer supply
  • Aluminium safety bar with light brackets
  • Spotlights fitted to roll bar
  • Rubber matting in cabin
  • Road trailer with aluminium tilt deck and galvanised frame per specification sheet ‘AirLift Hovercraft_GSS_580T’
  • Modification to trailer tow hitch for shortening during storage
  • Locks to all compartments
  • Elevators and control gear
  • Two cigarette lighter type sockets for accessory power supply
  • Storage cover, short version clips around duct and top of windscreen
  • Army camouflage paint scheme, 3-colours in ‘Anzothane’ polyurethane paint
  • Reinforced floor and tie downs for freight or special equipment
  • Operating Manual
  • PA system
  • Headset audio communication system for pilot and passengers
* The vessel is being sold with a complete Airlift Hovercraft factory inspection and service and in full running order.


* Please Note the vessel can be upgraded to ‘in survey commercial status’ at additional cost.
* Delivery to your destination/port available upon request.
* Pilot and maintenance training also available upon request.

Aurora - POA (Price On Application)

a 42 passenger 5 Tonne Payload Hovercraft with forward and reverse thrust


The Aurora features elegant design, ergonomic seating, impressive performance and seats 42 passengers in luxury. Need to do long trips? there’s a built-in HEAD (toilet) and a small room for a galley or storage. Powered by triple Mercedes 330hp turbo diesel engines.


The cabin features a split-level design. The main cabin is spacious enough to seat 30 passengers whilst the upper cabin/cockpit area seats 12 passengers with an additional seat for the pilot & navigator (if required).
Standard passenger seats recline & feature arm rests, table trays and magazine pockets.
The cabin aisle is 1.25 metres (49″) wide.


The cockpit has a clean modern layout which is well appointed, with modern controls and instruments. The dash also features a 30cm colour LCD Radar/GPS screen, mounted directly in front of the pilot. There are 7.5 x 20cm colour LCD screens for engine monitoring, Centrally located in an overhead console.


Main entrance/exit is via a spacious stern door located between the propellers. This door folds out & down, which features built-in steps. Additionally, there is a “gull-wing” type door, one on each side of the main cabin. For loading/unloading from a dock or side by side another vessel.


Twin centrifugal lift fans, hydrostatically driven via the forward engine provide lift.
The lift fans can be slowed down or sped up during maneuvering, independent of propeller speed.


The propulsion propellers feature a fixed pitch prop with independent forward/reverse.
The propellers are hydrostatically driven. Eliminating shafts, belts, pulleys and bearings!


Mercedes 926 Engines x 3.
The engine rooms are accessible from within the craft.


Craft maneuverability is superior due to the combination of four independent control devices.
1. Rudders, provide steering
2. Elevators, provide fore & aft trim
3. “ABC” (active body roll control) system banks the craft into the turn (or can be used to check cross winds)
4. Propellers are used for slow speed maneuvering, with forward/reverse thrust.


The skirt system is of “BAG, DIAPHRAGM & FINGER” type, which is dynamically stable under adverse conditions (weather or terrain related). With an impressive isolated obstacle clearance, of up to 1.2 metres. A smooth ride is ensured.


This model features a “wide body” design. This design eliminates the large unusable side panels often found on similar sized Hovercraft.
This normally “wasted space” is utilised for cabin width, resulting in a luxurious, spacious cabin!


The body is a one piece fibreglass foam sandwich construction with a moulded gelcoat finish.
*major advantages of foam sandwich construction is superior thermal and acoustic properties with no joints or rivets to leak.


​                                                       metric                imperial



Craft Length                                  14.5 m                 47 ft. 6 in.

Craft Width                                    5.7 m                   18ft. 8 in.

Craft Height                                   3.5 m                  11 ft. 5 in.

Cabin Length                                 11 m                   36 ft.

Cabin Width                                   4.5 m                  14 ft. 8 in.

Cabin Height                                  2 m                     6 ft. 6 in.

Aisle Width                                     1.25 m                4 ft. 1 in.

Cushion Height                              1.2 m                  3 ft. 9 in.


Craft Weight, empty                      15,000 kg             33,069 lbs.

Craft Weight, fully loaded              21,500 kg            47,399 lbs.

Fuel Capacity                                3x 378 litres         3x 100 US gal.

Crew                                              3

Max. Passengers                          42


Type                                              3x Mercedes 926 (not tuned)

Configuration                                 6 cylinder

Power 330 HP @ 2,200 rpm            3 x 246 kw             1,000 hp

Torque @ 1,800 rpm                      3 x 1,152 Nm         3x 850 lb-ft.

Fuel Type                                      Diesel


Max. Speed                                  111 km/h              65 knots

Cruise Speed                                74 km/h               40 knots

Max. Wave Height                         2 m                      6 ft. 6 in.

Max. Wind Speed                          46 km/h               25 knots

​Range @ cruise speed                 1,000 km              540 knots

Take a video tour inside the cabin. (Please Note: the interior surfaces have not been painted to allow for client's choice of colours and materials.)