The Future of Hovercraft

What does the future hold for hovercraft? A brief article on what to expect from Airlift Hovercraft

The future of hovercraft is about increasing their use and operation throughout more parts of the world, and not necessarily inventing or discovering new technology. Obviously the industry relies on continual improvement, incorporating modern technologies and materials, however the benefits will come as more semi-skilled workers can produce high quality hovercraft quickly and easily, in even the remotest regions of the planet.

By making our newer designs available as either completed hovercraft or as CKD kitsets, we are enabling many customers in DEVELOPING NATIONS the opportunity to own a hovercraft, which they could not afford if it was imported already constructed.

Typically the developing nations who will benefit most are the nations who have low value currencies and high import tariffs, which would otherwise combine to make the cost of a hovercraft prohibitive.

These customers usually have excellent labour skills available locally, at much lower cost, but they lack the expertise in hovercraft design and manufacturing, which we can provide. Another situation often found with these nations is a poor transport infrastructure and a desperate need for hovercraft to open up VALUABLE WATERWAY ACCESS.

AirLift Hovercraft firmly believes that by offering the appropriate hovercraft manufacturing technology to licensees, the cost of building hovercraft will become more relative to individual situations and more affordable and viable for the end users.

The new design and manufacturing technologies available today should be used to create simple and effective hovercraft designs which will help improve the lives of many people in many ways. If we keep focusing on this, then hovercraft will continue to improve and become more affordable for everyone.