AirLift Hovercraft has over 23 years experience in the hovercraft industry, designing, building and operating hovercraft since 1979. We’ve done it all, conceived original designs, built the prototypes, owned and operated hovercraft in tourist and other commercial situations, assisted others start their own tourist business and continued to thrive as a company throughout many challenging times.

Our ‘hands on’ experience in commercial operations has given us the insight of the owner, operator and passenger, which has been of significant use and influence. AifLift Hovercraft designs are more economical in every sense. Operating staff find our hovercrafts extremely capable performers and a pleasure to drive; maintenance staff find them practical and simple to keep; and the owners find them hugely reliable and profitable.

In the past we have pioneered the use of technologies new to the hovercraft industry and we continue to do this today by offering the first large hovercraft which can be ordered either fully constructed or in kitset form. We do this by leveraging our experience in high technology composites construction and by producing a computer-aided design which is cut from flat panels with a computer controller router (CNC) and exported as a kitset stacked in flat panel form.