Corporate Profile

We are pioneers in the hovercraft business on a global scale and use cutting edge technology to produce world-class machines. Airlift Hovercraft is an Australian-owned business with a solid history dating back to 1979, when the first successful commercial hovercraft was commissioned by Ross McLeod, company principal at the time.

Since that time the business has built an impressive portfolio of well-proven designs, a loyal customer base and an enviable technology database. The company has secured numerous long-term supply contracts for military and naval bases across the globe. These include, but are not limited to, the Royal Thai Army, the German Army, the Russian Army and the Chinese Army.

In 2019 the business of Airlift Hovercraft was acquired by Presgrave Nominees Pty Ltd from The Estate of Ross McLeod, his family having decided this was the best path forward to maintain and grow the legacy left behind. Ross McLeod passionately pioneered modern, innovative, stylistic hovercraft design and manufacture in Australia, and for the world. The Principals of Presgrave Nominees, started working with Ross over three years ago to map out the future for the business and build on Airlift’s impressive global credentials as a reliable supplier that embodies robust and stylish aerodynamic design and efficiency and simplicity in operation and maintenance.

Airlift Hovercraft will continue to offer stylish, yet robust and practical amphibious solutions in anticipation of the arduous and remote applications where a high performance hovercraft offers the most effective option of transport. 

Today Airlift Hovercraft retains a strong reputation in the industry for reliability, innovation and elegant design and continues to maintain the legacy and far reaching vision the business was founded on.

“Carpe Diem” 

In Memory Of Ross McLeod,