The world's 1st regenerative electric-hybrid recreational hovercraft

The Revolution is the latest development in production hovercraft technology.

Literally, the only production electric-hybrid personal hovercraft in the world today, the Revolution boasts independent electric lift powered by the worlds best centrifugal fan and lithium-ion battery technology.

The independent electric lift is strong yet quiet, and enables you to turn the craft on a dime. In your shed, on land or water, loading and un-loading and manoeuvring the Revolution is so easy, a child can do it.

This translates to manoeuvrability on land and water also. The strong independent and regenerative lift, is coupled with a new skirt finger design that provides a perfect sealed cushion of air that is not tied to thrust like other inferior integrated craft. This provides the operator with adjustable, ‘no spray’ robust lift for use in any application and makes getting ‘over hump’ effortless.

The 37hp 4-stroke petrol motor provides ample power to not only regenerate your lithium-Ion lift battery, but also an impressive 87kg of thrust to push you along!

Our large AERO-drive SUPA-duct with large diameter 4 blade propeller reduces thrust noise to the point you can hardly hear the craft coming… or going!

“Unheard of!”

“Hovercraft are always noisy” you say!?

….. Yes we know.

This is why it is called the Revolution!